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Kevin Van Horn

Co-Founder/President of HVH Mechanical Partners LLC


Kevin began his career in the plumbing industry at a very early age. He can vividly remember long, hot days working for his dad's plumbing company on his high school summer breaks. He often credits this chapter of his life with developing a lifelong passion for working with his hands. When he graduated high school, Kevin knew that four years at a university did not suit his personality. Knowing that he needed a career and not just a job, he joined Local 72 as a plumbing apprentice.

After working on construction sites with pipefitters and welders, he developed an interest in pipe welding and rigging. After long consideration, he decided to concentrate on hydronic heating and cooling systems and move away from domestic water and sanitary systems.

Kevin excelled quickly in this area of the mechanical industry. After competing in the UA apprentice competition at a national level, he soon became Local 72's Pipefitter Apprentice of the Year. His years in the construction industry provided exposure to complex mechanical piping systems and the equipment that makes it all work.

Using his past work experience and achievements, he was able to move into the mechanical service industry. It was here that he gained extensive knowledge in the operation of mechanical equipment and how to troubleshoot and repair this equipment.

Once he reached his goal of learning everything in this industry, from install to service, it was time for him to start on his lifelong goal of business ownership. This led to the birth of HVH Mechanical Partners LLC.

Here at HVH Mechanical Partners LLC, Kevin meets with customers to discuss solutions to the concerns they have with their building’s mechanical and plumbing systems. He interacts with suppliers and vendors to ensure HVH can service its customers efficiently and economically. He works with our office and field teams to ensure that customer service is our highest priority.

At HVH Mechanical Partners LLC, we use the knowledge of our industry to meet the needs of our customers and their equipment — knowledge that can only be obtained by "hands-on experience" at all stages of a mechanical system's life.

Michael Tedesco

Director of Logistics Operations


Introduced into the construction service industry in 2007, Michael has become a proven leader with a progressive record of accomplishments. He has helped build procurement and lean process strategies across diverse areas of commercial construction and HVAC service divisions. Michael is a strategic thinker who can execute a vision into action by effectively influencing senior executives and peers, inspiring team members, and building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. He knows how to deliver results through proactive planning, collaboration, and timely implementation of cost-saving strategies.

Additional Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in business administration and management – 2004
  • Lean Six Sigma – Greenbelt - Georgia Institute of Technology – Scheller School of Business
  • Held a seat on a purchasing board with seven major construction companies across the U.S. (collective revenues of $2.6B USD annually), while implementing best practice ideas in the construction/service industry, negotiating manufacture deals, and reviewing new product and process technology
  • Provided procurement services for many major construction projects across the northeast/southeast regions of the U.S., totaling well into the hundreds of millions of dollars

What Michael Loves About HVH

"I love that HVH is run by two guys who used to be field technicians and know exactly what it takes to build jobs and to be successful. Nobody is sitting in an ivory tower barking orders. Our owners are out there selling work and helping us continue to grow our customer base. No more corporate paperwork, intrusive tracking of vehicles, or hidden corporate agendas. Our #1 priority is to provide great and honest customer service. To accomplish this, we do the following:

  • We negotiate multiplier rates and discounts with vendors/suppliers every quarter to establish the best pricing to offer savings to our customers.
  • We pay above-scale for top talent in the industry.
  • We provide quarterly training for all of our technicians on different equipment manufacturing brands so they can continue to grow their knowledge and skill set.
  • We provide opportunities for growth based on performance.
  • We provide exceptional service at a discounted rate to continue growing our customer base."

Tracy Venters

Senior Account Manager


Tracy started his HVAC career in March 1991 as a service apprentice for a growing mid-sized mechanical contractor in the Atlanta area. He worked as a service technician for 12 years, which involved maintaining and repairing a wide variety of HVAC equipment, managing tool budgets, recruiting talent, quality control, in-house field training, and technical support for the entire field force. Tracy always exceeded customer expectations from start to finish. In 2004, management approached Tracy and offered him a new position as project coordinator in the service department, where he excelled for the next three years in supporting two separate senior project managers. This created a new opportunity for him as an account manager. During the next 16 years, Tracy mined and built a service book of business, consisting of single-unit server rooms to class A 52-story office towers, based mainly on building partnerships, honesty, and providing customers with a high level of service. Tracy has managed projects from $500.00 to $3.5 million while providing the same level of customer service. In 2019, Tracy accepted a new position at HVH Mechanical Partners as a senior account manager. His new role is to assist with growing the existing service team into the "next generation of mechanical contractors" that provide opportunities to employees and offers customer service like no other mechanical contractor in the country.

Additional Experience

  • JATT — five years
  • Factory service training — Carrier centrifugal, Trane centrifugal, all manufacturers' control panels
  • Multiple management classes
  • Customer service training

What Tracy Loves About HVH

"HVH was started by two individuals with a vision of becoming the best mechanical contractors in the country. I have the utmost respect for the dedication and integrity that the owners gave to this company. I love the fact that Craig and Kevin feel it is necessary to invest in the company and their employees to make us successful and create opportunities for employees. HVH has the same views and values as I do — and we will exceed our customers' expectations every single time. HVH is one of the last family-owned and -operated mechanical contractors in the city of Atlanta, which makes working directly for the owners that much more satisfying."

Jamie Pugh

Field Operations Manager


Jamie has always enjoyed working with tools and being challenged. He was working for a great company in 2008 and saw that the country was about to go through an economic crash. Jamie decided then that he needed a career, not a job. He enrolled in Athens Technical College in the HVAC program and started the apprenticeship program directly after graduation. By working with seasoned journeymen in the trade, Jamie learned many different skill sets and ways to approach different tasks. His primary focus was on large-tonnage equipment and industrial plants. He has had the pleasure of being mentored and trained by, in his opinion, the best mechanical contractors in the business. Jamie believes he would not be where he is now without them.

What Jamie Loves About HVH

"One of the best things about working at HVH Mechanical is that we are family-owned and -operated. I have known the owners for over 20 years. If you need anything, they are there to help. Our team here is hands-down the best in Atlanta, and I am proud to be a part of making HVH the best mechanical contractor to work for in Georgia. We have a great customer base that is always complimenting us on our field guys and how they are knowledgeable and take ownership of their job.

HVH Mechanical is the leader of the next generation of mechanical contractors."


  • Factory-trained on York Centrifugal chillers, Trane Centra-Vac, Carrier Centrifugal chillers, Danfoss Turbocor compressors, Multistack chillers, Arctic Chill, and Arctic Cool chillers
  • ABB VFD startup certification
  • MSCA field supervisor training class
  • Mechanical Trades Institute apprenticeship program
  • Athens Technical College associate in HVAC

Craig Harrison

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer


Craig Harrison began his career in the mechanical industry just out of high school by attending HVAC-R training in technical school. While attending school, he worked as a steamfitter at large powerhouses retrofitting steam process piping and rebuilding burner distribution bundles with some of the industry's top talent. While working as a technician, he quickly advanced and became a team leader managing technicians within that team. Craig joined Local Union 72 as an apprentice. He attended MTI while working for one of Atlanta's leading mechanical contractors. 

After installing mechanical piping for a number of years, Craig was recruited to join the Building Services Team. As a service technician, he quickly advanced and became a team leader. After being Apprentice of the Year three years in a row, he was awarded as the top apprentice for his class at MTI. While in the field Craig focused on the following:

  • Chiller Install, maintenance, Repair, Overhaul
  • Managing Base building contracts for Atlanta’s Prestigious Clientele
  • Assisting with new construction startup issues
  • Providing solutions to customers’ concerns after new projects have been delivered to the end-user.

His focal point was chillers and assisting the company with start-up issues when a building was turned over to customers, resolving customer issues, and managing large base building contracts to high-end clients in the downtown Atlanta area. Refrigeration consultant for Innovative Air Technologies throughout the country on large desiccant dehumidifier projects, he assisted in designing systems to run with low ambient conditions while maintaining below-freezing dry air.

Additional Experience:

  • Certified in Trane CentraVac Tear Down, York, and Carrier
  • Dale Carnegie Leadership
  • MTI Pipefitter/Service Technician
  • Emory University - Customer Relations
  • Liebert

Craig has served as a refrigeration consultant designing systems that deliver subfreezing discharge air for the purpose of dehumidification in industrial arenas throughout the country.

One of the best things about working at HVH Mechanical Partners is realizing how loyal customers and friends truly are by helping the company succeed. I love having employees from larger firms express to me how much less stress they have on their shoulders by working here. Nobody at the company feels like they work for another person; we all have the same mentality that we work together. We run the company with old-fashioned “common sense” and not theory out of a book.

Jeremy Melton

Director of Piping & Fabrication


Jeremy started his career right out of high school in 2004 as a plumber for a large mechanical contractor in Atlanta. In 2006, he transferred over to their service department, where he spent time cross-training with pipefitters, welders, and service technicians. In that time, he found his passion for welding, rigging, and mechanical work. He spent the next seven years working alongside some of the best technicians and mechanics before crossing over into new construction to try his hand at running some larger projects. He was promoted to General Foreman and worked on some of Atlanta’s largest construction projects while also assisting with many critical lifts and high-risk projects for the organization.

In 2016, Jeremy took an opportunity to run the mechanical contractors' fabrication shop. He was instrumental in helping to push fabrication, technology, and productivity to the next level. He worked alongside some of the best in the business out of our local 72 and was mentored by many. Jeremy served as a General Superintendent of the fabrication shop for almost five years before deciding to transition to HVH Mechanical Partners. Jeremy looks forward to the opportunity of building partnerships with his customers while serving his team and creating growth for their future.

Additional Experience

  • MTI Pipefitter/Welder
  • UA 21 Weld Certification
  • Dale Carnegie Managers Course
  • Emory University Managers Course
  • OSHA 30
  • OSHA 510
  • Georgia Tech Human Behavior Class
  • Customer Service Training

What Jeremy Loves About HVH

Jeremy loves the family atmosphere and culture of our team. Jeremy is super excited to help build an expectation of excellence while paving the future for the next generation of mechanical contractors.

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